• ICLM (Integrative Center Learning and Memory) is a new academic unit designed to serve the UCLA learning and memory community. ICLM includes laboratories that range from cognitive sciences to molecular neurosciences.
  • Southern California Learning and Memory annual meeting is a key event organized by ICLM that provides an opportunity for post-docs and students in this field to meet, exchange ideas and expertise.
  • Biology of Learning and Memory is one of several graduate and undergraduate courses sponsored by ICLM.
  • ICLM Learning and Memory Journal Club meets weekly and is a great opportunity for critical but friendly and constructive discussions of the later findings in the field.
  • A weekly Neuroscience Seminar Series with major figures in the field.
  • The ICLM Distinguished Lecture is a yearly event sponsored by ICLM. It is not a "latest-research-findings-lecture", but instead is focused on discussions of the scientific process illustrated by the major findings of leading figures in the field of learning and memory. Past lecturers include Richard F. Thompson (2002), Edvard Moser (2003), Gary Lynch (2004), Stephen Lisberger (2005), Terrence Sejnowski (2008), Dr. Larry Squire (2009), Thomas Carew (2010), Greg Quirk (2011). Mark Mayford (2012), Roberto Malinow (2013), Leslie Ungerlider (2014)
  • Rich local learning and memory community. We are fortunate to have in Los Angeles other universities that also have strong learning and memory programs, including Caltech, UCSD, USC and UC-Irvine. UCLA has one of the largest (>200 neuroscience laboratories) and most exciting neuroscience communities in the world. Just about every field of brain sciences, from clinical psychology to molecular neuroscience, is represented at UCLA. Despite its size, the academic environment is very collegial and interactive, with several seminar programs, journal clubs, retreats and special events, which provide countless opportunities for interactions and interchange of ideas.