Understanding and Treating Memory

Symposium on Mechanisms of Information Storage in Cortical Networks, UCLA, Los Angeles January 26, 2009

10:00- 10:05- Alcino Silva (UCLA): Introduction

Chair: Tyrone Cannon (UCLA)

10:05- 10:45- Joshua Trachtenberg (UCLA)- Compartmental and laminar-specific induction of dendritic growth in mature cortex

10:45- 11:25- Michael Stryker (UCSF) Dissection of the Mechanisms of Plasticity in Developing Visual Cortex

11:25- 12:05- Kevin Fox (U Cardiff), Molecular mechanisms for Experience-Dependent Plasticity in the Neocortex

12:05- 2:00- Lunch

Chair: Marie-Francoise-Chesselet (UCLA)

2:00- 2:40- Carla Shatz (Stanford) Brain Circuit Tuning and Moonlighting MHCI.

2:40- 3:20- Ed Callaway (UCSD), Unraveling fine-scale and cell-type specificity of cortical circuits

3:20- 4:00- Coffee Break

4:00- 4:40- Michael Fanselow (UCLA) Hippocampal and cortical contributions to contextual fear conditioning

4:40- 5:20- Alcino J. Silva (UCLA) Molecular and cellular mechanisms of cortical memory representations.