Understanding and Treating Memory


autism and cognition
aging and cognition
cognitive enhancements
remote memories
plasticity and recovery
nf1 and learning
memory allocation
novel memory genes
mapping neuroscience

little research map

An example of a map summarizing information that implicates NMDA receptor function in calmodulin kinase II activation, LTP and spatial memory. The "+", "-" and "O" denote different types of evidence for each connection (arrow) in the map.

• Argues that it is time to develop a science of experiment planning with the goal of studying and optimizing the strategies used by scientists to make research choices

• Describes a fundamentally different approach to experiment planning in neuroscience that addresses the growing size, complexity, and integration of the literature in this field

• Outlines a strategy to derive
maps of research findings that can be used to determine what is known, what is uncertain and how to best contribute to the research record

• Proposes the idea that important experiments in neuroscience can be identified and planned with the help of
research maps.

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